About SCOE

Solano County Office of Education Programs and Services

We provide students with disabilities in Solano County with career readiness training to support the development of employment skills. In collaboration with the Department of Rehabilitation and local businesses the Workforce Development program assists students with skill development, job experiences, and job placements.

We operate a WASC accredited community school for at-risk youth referred by school districts within Solano County. Our students work on a standard-based curriculum and have the opportunity to recover missed credits. The program is designed to support progress toward graduation and offers diplomas for students who complete their requirements at the school. A Student Support Specialist provides students with emotional learning guidance and a Vocational Specialist leads students in career and college readiness skill development.

We offer a WASC accredited educational program for students in the Solano County Juvenile Detention Facility. The program provides standard-based instruction and supports credit recovery. Students can graduate with a high school diploma. A Vocational Specialist guides students through career and college preparation activities. Student Support Specialists assists students who return to their home high school to increase the likelihood of a successful transition.

We provide support services to homeless students and foster youth throughout Solano County. SCOE collaborates with the school districts through the Countywide Homeless and Foster Youth District Education Liaisons’ meeting which includes all the stakeholders and where best practices are shared and challenges are discussed.

We deliver professional development in the core academic areas to local educators. This includes coaching for administrators in the areas of effective educational leadership skills for 21st Century Learners.

We provide leadership in organizing regional approaches for the delivery of educational programs and support services, eliminating duplication of effort and saving school district resources.