Strategic Vision

Solano County Office of Education – Strategic Vision

Supporting All Solano County Students to be Job*, College**, and Citizenship Ready

Vision Statement:It is the goal of the Solano County Office of Education to respond to student needs with support, collaboration, and leadership by focusing on teaching and learning 21st century skills.

Mission:The Solano County Office of Education provides effective leadership and services that support the school and community in their effort to provide equitable access to the highest quality education and ensure a positive outcome for every Solano County student.

Teaching and Learning 21st Century Skills – Citizenship – Health & Well-being

  • Common Core Standards
  • Career Technical Education Standards
  • Professional Development
  • Data Driven Dialogue-Decision Making
  • Prevention and Early Intervention
  • Instructional Technology
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving

Our Theory of Action

  • We proactively identify challenges and opportunities
  • We responsively provide open communication, support, collaboration and leadership in order to help districts and partner agencies accomplish their goals
  • We purposefully do this in ways that:
    • Improve the learning outcomes of the students we serve
    • Attract, recruit, and retain high quality employees
    • Encourage decisive collaboration with community partners

Metrics That Matter

  • Student Assessment Results
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Suspension-Expulsion Rates
  • Graduation Rates
  • Progress Towards Graduation
  • Third Grade Reading Levels
  • English Learner Reclassification Rates
  • Chronic Absence Rates
  • College and Job Readiness
  • Progress Towards Closing Gaps for All Students
  • Fiscal Condition of the County Office and our School Districts

The Solano County Office of Education’s vision is grounded in a systems perspective that keeps current conditions and future opportunities in mind.

Our Action Plans allow the organization to focus attention, and marshal and leverage resources, to proactively plan for and respond to the needs of our students.

The combination of the Strategic Vision and the supporting Action Plans drive the organization in a manner that provides leadership, focus, and the ability to respond quickly to our changing environment.

*Jobs also include Military Service.

**The term “college” refers to any college, university, graduate or professional school, career college, technical or vocational program or other educational institution beyond high school. –California Student Aid Commission