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COVID-19 Guidance for Child Care Providers

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COVID-19 Guidance for Child Care Providers

   View Current information and resources regarding COVID-19 guidance for Solano County.


COVID-19 Screening Guidance for Child Care Centers

SOLANO PUBLIC HEALTH | Updated 4/6/2020 

This is a screening tool that a provider MAY choose to use when a child arrives for child care (drop-off) or to assess for illness throughout the day. 

Important Reminders 

The screener should: 

  • Wash hands before and after screening a child. 
  • Greet the family and take the child's temperature. 
  • Inquire about any new onset of cough, shortness of breath or changes in ongoing cough for the child and/or member of the household 
  • REPEAT temperature check as needed to re-assess children who develop any symptoms throughout the day. 

Screening Questions 

Ask if the child has ANY of the following symptoms: 

  • TEMPERATURE/FEVER of 100.4 For above- YES/ NO

If ALL the ABOVE are NO, the child can now enter the school space. The child must proceed to wash their hands before having any contact with other children or other staff/instructors. Younger children may need additional support from staff to help with good handwashing technique. 

If ANY of the ABOVE are YES, the child WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to enter the child care building and will be asked to return home with parent or caregiver. If the child becomes sick during the day, find a space away from other students and staff to wait for parents or guardians to pick them up from care. Any students being sent home should be encouraged to contact their provider for further guidance. 

For more information call the Coronavirus warmline: 707-784-8988 or

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