Preparing students to learn, grow, thrive and achieve life-long success

Contact Information

Andrea Lemos
Deputy Superintendent, Educational Services and Special Education; (707) 399-4430

Priscilla Ramelo
Executive Assistant II, Educational Services and Student Services; (707) 399-4430

Linda Brown
Executive Assistant II, Educational Services and Student Services; (707) 399-4432

Annalyn Madariaga
Project Support Analyst; (707) 399-4445

District and School Support


Marnie Lynch
Senior Director, District and School Support; (707) 399-4438

Erica Burnison
Program Manager, Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction; (707) 399-4482

Lilibeth Pinpin
Director, Innovative Programs and Student Success; (707) 399-4439

Amy Robinson
Program Manager, English Language Development Curriculum and Instruction; (707) 399-4447

Tacey Rodgers
Coordinator of Assessment, Research and Evaluation; (707)399-4449

Nelina Foster
Secretary/Program Analyst; (707) 399-4435

Early Learning

Lisa Eckhoff
Senior Director, Early Learning; (707) 399-4407

Michelle Burhorn
Program Manager, Early Learning; (707) 399-4470

Gail Benson

Early Learning Coach; (707) 399-4472

Grace Jenschke

Early Learning Coach; (707) 399-4472

Kristin McCaffrey
Early Learning Coach; (707) 399-4472

Julie Kemp
Secretary; (707) 399-4481