Professional Development

SCOE Professional Learning Offerings for 2017-18

With much anticipation, the areas of focus for the Professional Learning that are slated for the 2017-18 Academic School Year were developed with input from our SCOE Curriculum Council. Our six school districts, Benicia Unified, Dixon Unified, Fairfield-Suisun Unified, Travis Unified, Vacaville Unified, and Vallejo City Unified provided valuable feedback for council direction and ideas regarding their needs around instruction and staff development.

August starts off with the 2017-18 Solano County Transitional Kindergarten Summer Institute where different sessions from Art, STEAM to Collaborative Planning on Preschool Learning Foundations and Frameworks are discussed. The three-day institute will begin on August 7 and end on August 9.

The Early Childhood Education Conference is on September 23 at the Solano Community College in Fairfield where early care and education professionals will have a fun-filled day of learning, vendor exhibits and giveaways.

This is followed by a session on Motivate Students to Grow Their Minds with the popular Emily Diehl from Mindset Works on September 26 at SCOE. The next session with her is on October 16 and is called Challenges are What I Like. Participants learn the role of mistakes in the motivation equation and how to use interventions to support a true growth mindset culture.

Starting in October, Solano County Office of Education offers the School Counseling Academy to school counselors and administrators facilitated by nationally recognized leaders in school counseling, Dr. Trish Hatch and Danielle Duarte. Participants will engage in six full days of training on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model, the use of data in school counseling, and evidence-based practices to close the achievement gap and increase college and career readiness of all students. The dates are: October 2 & 3, January 29 & 30, and April 23 & 24.

ACSA, in conjunction with its equity partners, presents the ACSA Equity Institute that brings a unique new professional development experience designed to build cultural proficiency capacity in order to lead for equity. They have designed a rich program for district teams and individual leaders from all educational levels to assist in the development of deep belief systems and understanding of cultural proficiency that empowers participants to be proactive and responsive to the diverse needs of the communities you serve. The dates are: 10/6 - 7/17; 12/8 - 9/17; 1/19 - 20/18; 2/9 - 10/18.

An Early Learning professional development session (CPIN Session 1) is offered on October 14. It delves on the use The Alignment of the California Preschool Learning Foundations with Key Early Education Resources, including the Preschool Learning Foundations, Curriculum Framework, Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP), and Desired Results Development Profile (DRDP) 2015 to understand the development of self.

October continues with the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math (STEAM) Professional Learning series. To support our school districts who have incorporated STEAM into their initiatives, SCOE offers workshops to support all the STEAM disciplines. For the Science or “S” part of STEAM, SCOE offers a two-day Next Generation Science Standards Train the Trainer Institute on October 23-24. This is in cooperation with the Alameda County Office of Education.

For the Math or “M” of STEAM, Pam Hutchinson from the UC Davis Math Project will provide mathematics professional development sessions for elementary and middle school teachers. The focus will be on research-based instructional strategies aligned to the California State Mathematics Standards and the California Mathematics Framework. All sessions will focus on teaching math in ways that support students’ understanding of key concepts as well as their ability to apply that understanding in a variety of contexts and situations

Grade K - 2 - November 6, 2017 - The focus of this session is on strategies and activities designed to promote the development of number sense and mathematical reasoning as students are developing fluency with addition and subtraction.

Grade 3 - 6 - January 9, 2018 - This session will discuss strategies and activities designed to promote the development of mathematical reasoning and sense-making as student learn fractions and decimals. This will include a discussion of the critical role that performance tasks play in the Smarter Balanced Assessments.

Middle School - March 22, 2018 - A variety of strategies and activities designed to promote sense making and problem solving and to develop students’ ability to construct and critique mathematical arguments will be examined in this session. It will also explore what it means to be a “rich mathematical task” and the role that performance tasks should play in assessment, including a discussion of the Smarter Balanced Performance Tasks.

For the Arts or “A” of STEAM, Michelle Holdt will offer an engaging, hands-on workshop entitled Diving Deeper, Putting the Arts into STEAM on January 17, 2018. Michelle is the Founding Executive Director of Arts Ed Matters. She is also an arts integration specialist and theater educator with a strong commitment to leading an arts rich life and making the arts available for all children. In this workshop, she will share some fun arts-based research, design thinking, and how the arts support 21st century skills & documenting all learning in the classroom. All activities will be accessible for immediate teaching in the classroom.

For the Technology or “T” of STEAM, Kelly Shafsky will provide a session on May 8 that will highlight some specific technologies that can integrated in the curriculum and will make the use of formative assessments more efficient. Participants will learn how to strategically check for student understanding early and often, while increasing the amount of effective technology integration in any classroom.

November kicks off our Project Based Learning (PBL) Professional Learning which will begin with a beginner’s workshop and an advanced workshop offering in January. The beginner session will provide an overview of some of the essential elements of PBL and give participants a chance to write a PBL lesson and it will be on November 8. The advanced workshop will dive deep into critiquing and enriching PBL lessons through collaboration and review of essential elements of PBL. This is will be on January 11.

Starting in December, SCOE will offer Cognitive CoachingSM Foundations. This is a research-based model that capitalizes upon and enhances teachers’ cognitive processes in order to support the complex intellectual process of teaching in order to produce self-directed persons. A UCLA Center X Cognitive Coaching trainer will lead participants through the eight-day Foundation Seminar, where participants learn how to:

  • build trust by developing physical and verbal rapport
  • utilize three mediative maps for planning, reflecting and problem resolving
  • develop teachers’ autonomy and sense of community
  • distinguish four support functions: coaching, evaluating, consulting, and collaborating
  • practice coaching interactions to differentiate for individual needs
  • utilize the coaching toolkit of pause, paraphrase, and pose a question
  • apply coaching skills that enhance the intellectual processes of instruction
  • distinguish between the five categories of feedback

The dates are: 12/4-5/17; 1/18-19/18; 3/22-23/18; 4/16-17/18

SCOE Early Learning Professional Development for 2017-18

Early Learning professionals are invited to participate in the training opportunities shown on the menu below, which are sponsored by the Solano County Office of Education and First 5 Solano, in partnership with the Local Child Care Planning Council (LPC).

A variety of topics are being presented, including trauma-informed practices, serving children with special needs, and implementing the CA Preschool Learning Foundations and Frameworks. Registration is open for each workshop and registration links are included on the menu. Please remember to register for each session right away, or at least before the deadline posted on each registration page. We are no longer able to accept late registrations.




Saturday, 2/3/18




Scientific Inquiry

Saturday, 2/17/18




Jeanette Luedders

Let’s Get EVERYONE Involved in Their Learning!

Serving Children with Special Needs, Inclusion Child Care Strategies

Saturday, 3/3/18





Saturday, 3/10/18

8:30-3:00 @ SCOE


Angela Beeck


Saturday, 3/24/18

8:00-3:00 @ SCOE

Strategies 2.0

Trauma-Informed Care

Saturday, 4/7/18



Zoee Bartholomew

Behavior Intervention in Child Care and Early Learning Settings

Saturday, 4/14/18



Lauren Kaplan & Stephanie Westfahl

Talk, Move, Learn: Supporting Communication, Motor, and Sensory Development in Preschool Children

Monday, 4/16/18

5:30-8:00 pm


Lisa Eckhoff

Introduction to ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) studies, and screening of the film, Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope.

Saturday, 4/21/18



Strategies 2.0

Introduction to Protective Factors

Saturday, 5/5/18




Physical Development

Saturday, 5/19/18


@Brandman Univ.

Jeanette Luedders

Let’s Get EVERYONE Involved in Their Learning!

Serving Children with Special Needs, Inclusion Child Care Strategies

Trauma-Informed Care- Strategies 2.0 (Registration fee: $0)

This training is intended for professionals that work with children and families who may have experienced trauma. By the end of the full-day training, participants will be able to define the types of trauma, describe the impact of trauma on the development and well-being of children, adults, and family support staff, and identify strategies for responding to trauma and resisting re-traumatization.

Introduction to Protective Factors- Strategies 2.0 (Registration fee $0)

Do you work with children and families? Attend this training to develop new skills that support families to build on their strengths and create a family environment that promotes healthy child development. Learn family-strengthening strategies that can be incorporated into your day-to-day work with families and identify how the presence of the Protective Factors are directly linked to the reduction of child abuse and neglect.

Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope; 2 hours - Lisa Eckhoff (Registration fee $15)

Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) studies and the impacts of trauma on young children and their families, including film screening, discussion, and activities.

Early Care and Education for Children with Special Needs

Talk, Move, Learn: Supporting Communication, Motor, and Sensory Development in Preschool Children – Lauren Kaplan and Stephanie Westfahl (Registration fee $30)

Part I: Participants will be able to identify components of communication, understand typical speech/language development and disorders/delays in communication; and learn strategies and activities to support and promote speech/language development.

Part II: Participants will understand the role of occupational therapy and pre-school children, have a basic understanding of motor skill development and sensory processing, and identify potential difficulty with sensory processing.

-These topics will be presented in a combined format, and participants will have fun participating in and developing activities that target fine motor development, sensory processing and increased communication in young children.

Let’s Get EVERYONE Involved in Their Learning! Serving Children with Special Needs, Inclusion Child Care Strategies - Jeanette Luedders (Registration fee $30)

Explore learning styles; learn strategies to help all children learn their way; understanding inclusive education by thinking about the environment, adapting materials, and designing activities to meet each child’s needs; and strengthen relationships with your families.

Behavior Intervention in Child Care and Early Learning Settings - Dr. Zoee Bartholomew (Registration fee $30)

Participants will discover how behaviors impact learning and growth in the childcare setting, learn how triggers can be manipulated to prevent behaviors from occurring, explore how the adult’s response can escalate or de-escalate behavior, and practice effective approaches and intervention strategies for responding to undesirable behaviors in young children.

The 2017-18 Academic School Year will continue with our various Networks, Councils, and Consortiums, which include the following:

  • After School Program Network
  • EL Consortium
  • Solano Equity Alliance Network
  • Solano LCAP Collaborative Network,
  • Solano Quality Early Learning Consortium
  • STEAM Network
  • Transitional Kindergarten Network, and
  • Visual and Performing Arts Council.

There is much more to come. If you have any questions regarding any of our upcoming workshops, please contact Lilibeth Pinpin, Director, Innovative Programs and Student Success at and phone number 707-399-4439 or Priscilla Ramelo at and phone number 707-399-4435.

CA Transitional Kindergarten Stipend Program (CTKS) Program Reimbursements

Professional Development reimbursements or stipends are offered to teachers in California State Preschool Programs and Transitional Kindergarten programs working to advance their education. This funding is provided by the California Department of Education through the Child Care Planning Council. For more information and application forms, contact:

CA Early Care & Education Workforce Registry

Early learning professionals are encouraged to visit to create an account and profile in the Registry. You will be assigned an individual Workforce Registry ID number, which is required when registering for most local trainings, workshops, and conferences.