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Employee Handbook

Welcome to the Solano County Office of Education (SCOE). Employees of the county office play a vital role in ensuring the ongoing success of public education in our community. An interesting and challenging experience awaits you as a member of the Solano County Office of Education staff. You join over 400 other county office employees contributing to our organizational mission of fostering student success through service to students, schools, and the community.

This Employee Handbook has been designed to introduce you to our organization, familiarize you with the guidelines and benefits that impact your employment, and answer some of the questions you may have concerning the county office and its personnel practices. The employment policies of the Solano County Office of Education have been developed specifically with the intent of:

  • Ensuring high standards in all programs and services
  • Maintaining and developing the professionalism and skill of the staff
  • Reflecting our commitment to fair and equitable treatment of all employees
  • Meeting legal mandates that apply to employment rights and responsibilities

While this handbook is intended to provide you with a general overview of our employment policies and practices, it does not present a complete description of your employment relationship, and should not be read or treated as an employment contract. Where possible, the handbook guides you to the document, person, or department where you can get more detailed information on specific subjects.

Over time, changing circumstances will require that the policies and benefits outlined in this handbook be updated, revised, or altered. Employees will be advised in writing of any changes that occur in employment policy. As you consult the handbook for information in the months ahead, remember that it may be necessary for you to verify that all applicable information is still current.

Other documents that contain information related to your employment at the county office will include applicable collective bargaining agreements and other documents given to you at the time of your new employee orientation. The Human Resources Department’s section of the SCOE website also contains helpful information for employees. In all instances, current policy statements and negotiated contracts take precedence over the information included in this Employee Handbook. For more questions, please contact Collin Bublavi at (707) 399-4426 or