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Parent & Educator Workshop: The “Why” Behind School Violence & Choices Made by Teens

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Helping parents & educators understand adolescent development, & ways to spot, assess, and mitigate potential crisis or violence.

Wed, March 25, 2020, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT

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Will C Wood High School, 998 Marshall Road, Vacaville, CA

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About this Event

The Solano County District Attorney, Solano County Superintendent of Schools, Health and Social Services, Local Law Enforcement and the Sacramento Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Field Office Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) invite you to attend the Second Solano County School Safety Symposium.

Development during the formative years in an adolescent's life can be difficult, challenging and overwhelming. Navigating through school, family, and social problems, students are becoming more and more at risk in dealing with everyday life. Parents and educators are seeing staggering issues facing teens each day, and the coping skills that were once considered "normal" are no longer the standard in a student’s life.

During this session participants will learn the impact of technology on an adolescent's development, as well as ways to spot, assess, evaluate, and mitigate potential crisis contributing to school violence. Participants will also learn how to identify a teen in crisis, a potential threat, and how effective communications can de-escalate everyday problems.

We will also provide resources for connecting with your child’s school and school district and how to communicate most effectively with your school with a focus on early intervention to prevent a potential crisis related to school violence.

This unique event will provide an overview how everyone can better assess potential risk factors that can lead to a crisis situation and/or violent behavior that can be collaboratively managed.

From the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):

The "Why" Behind Violence in Schools Today, Supervisory Special Agent Arvinder “Vinny” Ginda of the FBI Sacramento Field Office

From Local Law Enforcement:

A model Multi-disciplinary effective communication approach to building positive relationships between school and parents

Threat assessment case studies

Target Audience:



School District Administrators

School Site Administrators and Site Teams

Law Enforcement & Public Safety Agency Personnel