Preparing students to learn, grow, thrive and achieve life-long success

Special Education


All children will have an equal opportunity to discover and share their abilities and gifts fully, thereby enriching the world.


The Solano County Office of Education's special education programs will provide all students and their families with the support, education, and advocacy needed to reach their greatest potential and participate fully in the community. To realize this vision and accomplish our mission we commit to the following essential elements:

1. Programs will provide:
    • environments which are creative, safe, healthy, and inclusive
    • opportunities to develop meaningful relationships
    • access to both core and individualized curriculum
    • settings and materials that are age-appropriate
    • a range of quality service options
2. Instruction will:
    • be individualized
    • be based upon specific agreed upon meaningful outcomes
    • include a variety of strategies based on current research and best practice
    • provide students with choices
    • emphasize intensive levels of time on task
    • infuse positive behavioral interventions
    • include measures of instructional effectiveness
    • continually challenge our expectations for students
    • provide access to appropriate technology
3. We will place the needs of students and families at the center of our efforts by:
    • including families as partners
    • maximizing family involvement
    • treating families with respect, compassion, and understanding
    • recognizing and utilizing their knowledge, experience, and skills
    • honoring their contributions, dreams, advocacy, culture, and commitment to their children's learning
    • providing families with a useful understanding of the system
4. All staff are valued as members of a learning community committed to program quality and continual improvement. This commitment is demonstrated by:
    • working collaboratively
    • developing and sharing resources
    • celebrating growth and successes
    • utilizing individual skills
    • ongoing professional growth and development
    • supporting each other
    • supporting risk taking
    • using proper body mechanics and universal precautions
5. In support of our mission we will pursue meaningful partnerships by establishing:
    • a coordinated system of service delivery that supports meaningful outcomes from birth to age 22
    • inter-agency agreements
    • working relationships with business and community organizations
    • positive and productive working partnerships with school communities