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Distance Learning Program

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Distance Learning Program Overview

The Solano County Office of Education’s (SCOE) Distance Learning Program is open to eligible students from the county’s six school districts who are searching for a more personal learning experience.

Students may be referred to the program by a school administrator or may directly contact their district’s Student Services Department.

Our program is designed so that each student meets one-on-one with a teacher at least one hour per week to review lessons, take tests, and receive personalized attention. Students can meet with the teacher more than once-a-week if the need arises. Students are expected to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week completing online school work. We encourage students to exceed this amount of time so that more credits can be earned.

Students need to have Internet access or may work on a computer at their public library.

This is a program built on self-motivation and individual success. Therefore, parental support is critical to support student learning.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Valerie Garrett
Program Administrator, Educational Options

Credit Recovery

Solano County Office of Education’s Distance Learning Program offers:

  • Courses for students who are not on track to graduate high school because of a lack of credits
  • Diagnostic testing for math and language arts for student remediation, allowing students to recover the credits they need to graduate
  • Interactive lessons that engage students and support retention of key concepts
  • Relevant Internet links that encourage self-directed real-world learning
  • Internet access allows students to work anywhere at any time; an ideal solution for students whose personal circumstances hinder attendance
  • Ongoing assessment allows early intervention so students keep up with their peers
  • Teachers can pace courses to accommodate individual student needs.

Individualized Instruction

Today’s students come from diverse backgrounds and bring a variety of unique challenges to the classroom. Some may need additional time to understand complex concepts, while others may require an environment sensitive to special situations.

With Solano County Office of Education’s Distance Learning Program, these students can work at their own pace and in their own space with a curriculum that is available wherever and whenever an Internet connection exists.

Accelerated Learning

In every school district, there are students looking for more information, a faster pace, and bigger challenges. Self-motivated and goal-directed, these students choose to reach outside the standard benchmarks and learn beyond their ordinary limits.

We are committed to identifying these students and giving them the learning space they need to grow and thrive. Our courses can be customized with additional content to inspire and engage these students.

Distance Learning and One-on-One Interaction

Around-the-clock accessibility makes our Distance Learning Program a practical solution for students who want a personalized learning experience. Our online learning environment provides challenging lessons and automatic assessments to keep students focused and on the right track.

Student meets one-on-one with a teacher at least one hour per week to review lessons, take tests, and receive future assignments.