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Workforce Development

CCi - California Career Innovations
The Solano County Office of Education (SCOE) in partnership with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and San Diego State University (SDSU) have implemented the California Career Innovations Work-Based Learning Initiative (CCi).The SCOE CCi is 1 or 6 funded by the US Department of Education throughout the nation.The goal of the CCi program is increased economic self-sufficiency, through planned education, work-based learning experiences and Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) for students with a wide range of disabilities.

CaPROMISE - Promoting the Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income
The goals of CaPROMISE are to improve the provision and coordination of services for child SSI recipients ages 14-16 and their families. The services help child recipients achieve better outcomes, including graduating from high school ready for college and a career, completing postsecondary education and job training, and obtaining competitive employment in an integrated setting.As a result, these child SSI recipients can achieve long-term reductions in reliance on SSI.

Transition Partnership Program
TPP is a collaborative contract with the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and Solano County Office of Education (SCOE). The purpose of the TPP program is to provide employment services including employment preparation, job development and placement, follow up and non-supported employment to those students and adults eligible for DOR services in Solano County.

WorkAbility I and WorkAbility I Middle School
The Solano County Office of Education WorkAbility I program promotes independent living and provides comprehensive pre-employment worksite training, employment, and follow up services for youth in special education who are making the transition from school to work. The program serves both middle school and high school students. The middle school project assists eighth grade students with the transition to high school and with linking school to future careers.

SCOE Workforce Development Employment Network
The Solano County Office of Education – Workforce Development Employment Network (EN) is a part of Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Ticket to Work program. The Ticket to Work program is a free, voluntary program available to individuals who receive Social Security Disability benefits. The goal of the program is available to offer assistance to Social Security Disability recipients who wish to return to the workforce. The Ticket to Work program makes it possible for individuals to test their ability to work without losing their benefits.

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