Preparing students to learn, grow, thrive and achieve life-long success

WorkAbility I and WorkAbility I Middle School

The Solano County Office of Education WorkAbility I program promotes independent living and provides comprehensive pre-employment worksite training, employment, and follow up services for youth in special education who are making the transition from school to work. The program serves both middle school and high school students. The middle school project assists eighth grade students with the transition to high school and with linking school to future careers. They are provided self-determination, career exploration and self-advocacy training. The secondary program assists students with the actual transition from high school. The goal is to have students employed and/or be enrolled in a training program leading to a job in their chosen career field.

The WorkAbility project currently serves over 200 high school and post-secondary students, and 130 middle school students.

The staff includes:

Workforce Development Program Manager
Susan Labrecque

Secretary /Program Analyst
Karin Ross

Vocational Specialists

Anna Bell
SCOE Adult Programs-Golden Hills & Fairfield-Suisun Adult School

Anne Vorhauer
SCOE Adult Programs-Larsen School

Brenda Pignataro
Dixon High School
Maine Prairie High School
SCOE Adult Programs-Maine Prairie

Debra Troxil
SCOE High School at Vacaville HS
SCOE High School at Wood HS

Jaime Peak
SCOE High School at Vanden HS
All Middles Schools served under SCOE WAI

Shelia Vogel
SCOE Adult Transition - Bencia High School
Benicia Middle School

Teri Cisneros
SCOE High School at Fairfield HS

Tina Bidwell
SCOE High School at Armijo HS