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Evaluations and Surveys

California Student Tobacco Survey
The California Department of Public Health is required to conduct surveys of
attitudes, behaviors, and media exposure regarding smoking and tobacco use as
components of the smoking cessation evaluation effort required by California
Assembly Bills AB75, AB99 and AB816. The objective of these surveys is to
collect representative statewide data on cigarette smoking behavior, attitudes
towards smoking, media exposure to smoking, and use of tobacco products other
than cigarettes, from populations living in California. These surveys have been
conducted approximately every three years through contracts with the University
of California, San Diego (UCSD) to measure changes in attitudes and behaviors
in the California population. The California Student Tobacco Survey (CSTS) is a
\ in-school survey of tobacco use among California middle (grades 6–8) and high
school (grades 9–12) students.

2016-16 Survey

California Tobacco Facts and Figures 2016 Report

Friday Night Live (FNL) Youth Development Survey

The FNL Youth Development Survey asks FNL youth to respond to statements that reflect each of the five Standards of Practice for all FNL programs, attitudes toward Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD), the extent to which program participation supports their connection to school and academic success and the extent to which the program provides opportunities for youth to learn about and work with youth from different backgrounds (e.g. culture, race/ethnicity, gender, economic, sexual identity/orientation).

Solano FNL Youth Development Survey
The Solano Friday Night Live Partnership uses the FNL Youth Development Survey to evaluate four aspects of Solano FNL programs: assessing the application of evidence-based youth development practices; addressing the program requirements; building local evaluation capacity; and emphasizing continuous program improvement.

Contact Information

Johanna Nowak-Palmer
Program Manager, Youth Development
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Ken Scarberry
Director of Youth Development
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