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Foster Youth Services


The 1998 Budget Act established the Foster Youth Service (FYS) Countywide Programs to serve foster youths, ages 4 to 21, living in Licensed Children's Institutions (LCIs) or group homes. The Solano Countywide Foster Youth Service Program is funded by a grant from the California Department of Education. Key stakeholders in Solano County formed the FYS Advisory Group by coming together with a goal of improving educational outcomes for wards and dependents of the court. Foster Youth Services collaborates with local school districts, licensed children's institutions, health and social service agencies, probation, law enforcement, youth advocates and other interested community members.


The Mission of the Solano County Office of Education, Foster Youth Services (FYS), is to provide foster youth living within Solano County with the resources needed to achieve their maximum educational potential and to support school districts by providing technical training and resources to district staff involved with supporting foster youth.


The FYS program is committed to achieving the following goals for foster youth through the identification and utilization of appropriate multi-agency services:

  • Improve youth academic achievement 
  • Improve youth attendance and reduce truancy and dropout rates 
  • Reduce incidence of pupil discipline problems and juvenile delinquency 
  • Develop a health and education passport to support eligible foster youth
  • Increase awareness and access to educational and vocational options
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contact information

Akon Walker 
Program Coordinator, Educational Liaison
(707) 399-4812

Leah Alvarez
Wellness Program Assistant
(707) 399-4826

Peter Macapugay
Wellness Program Assistant
(707) 399-4817

Sakina Ali
Youth Activities Specialist
(707) 399-4891