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Notice of Public Hearing - Instructional Materials

Under the provisions of Education Code Section 60119, the Solano County Board of Education will hold a public hearing to determine whether each pupil in the court/community school and Special Education programs served by the Solano County Office of Education has, or will have prior to the end of this fiscal year, sufficient textbooks and/or instructional materials in each subject that are consistent with the content and cycles of the curriculum framework adopted by the State Board of Education.

The public hearing will be held on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 in the Boardroom of the Solano County Office of Education, 5100 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, California, beginning at 6:00 PM. Persons interested in said matter may appear and be heard.

NOTE: Language translation services and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters will be provided with a minimum notice of three business days prior to the public hearings.Posting or distribution of banners, leaflets, handouts, or other media or communications, which serve to promote or discourage specific points of view, are prohibited inside the hearing room.

Posted 08/27/2018-9/12/2018 at:

  • Solano County Office of Education, 5100 Business Center Drive, Fairfield
  • Irene Larsen Center, 1707 California Drive, Vacaville
  • Golden Hills Education Center, 2460 Clay Bank Road, Fairfield

Call (707) 399-4432 for further information if needed.