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Jennifer Leonard
Assistant Superintendent  Communications, Community Engagement and Emergency Management

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VIDEO: About the Quest


Plant & Wildlife Videos

Cant's get out to the Questcache courses? Access the collection of native plant and wildlife videos here.

preview of native plant and wildlife videos


SearchIng for more outdoor adveNtures?

Explore with SEEK

Here are some resources for getting outside in Solano County:

Solano Youth Outdoors website

Solano Youth Outdoors website

All Trails App

All Trail website preview


Solano Outdoor Explorer Quest

Solano Outdoor Explorer Quest, inspiring exploration, wellness and outdoor education

The Solano Outdoor Explorer Quest is a wildlife discovery course offering explorers and families the adventure of finding Quest signs with QR codes. Each Quest sign links to a short video about native plants or animals living near that area. The Quest is a great opportunity for students to do some exploring, get some exercise, learn new things and connect with nature and the outdoors.  Solano Outdoor Explorer Quest course sign


New Questcache COurse AT Rush Ranch OPEN SPACE!

collage of plant and animal species living at Rush Ranch

Questcache map for Rush Ranch Open Space course preview

Follow the Rush Ranch Quest Map

A new Solano Outdoor Explorer Quest course is open at Rush Ranch Open Space in Suisun! Explore a new treasure hunt leading to short videos about North American River Otters, barn owls, loggerhead shrikes and lots of other native plants and animals living on the ranch!



Lagoon Valley Park Questcache COurse

collage of plants and animal species living at Lagoon Valley Park

Lagoon Valley Outdoor Explorer Quest Map preview

Follow the Lagoon Valley Quest Map

Open Quest map for Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville. The map mark areas that feature a hidden Questcache plaque featuring a QR code linked to a short video about a plant or animal living there.



How To Participate IN the explorer quest

Follow the Map to Find the Hidden Questcaches

Open a map for Rush Ranch Open Space or Lagoon Valley Park. Travel to the areas marked on the map. Search the area to find the hidden plaque and QR code.

QR code for SCOE Explorer Quest page

Scan the Hidden Questcode (QR) to Reveal a Quest Video

Open the camera on a smart phone or tablet with cellular service and place it over the QR code. The Questcodes in the adventure will take you to a hidden webpage featuring a short video about native plants or animals that can commonly be seen from that Questcache location. (Tablets with cellular may work best for viewing.)

Record Your Discovery

The hidden webpages also have Quest Logs where, with parent permission, Explorers can record their secret Questcache finds by entering their names. 

Share About Your Explorer Quest

With parent permission, Explorers can submit pictures and stories to to be shared publicly on social media and SCOE news updates. Explorers can also share to their own social media pages with these hashtags: #SolanoExplorerQuest #SolanoQuestcache.

The secret explorer code

Your Explorer Quest, should you accept it, has some guidelines to ensure everyone has fun.

1. Young Explorers should always get permission from their parents or guardians before participating in Quest activities. Bring the whole family; The Explorer Quest is great for outdoor family fun.

2.  Wait until the "Muggles" leave. "Muggles" are non-Quest Explorers. Keep the location of the hidden Questcaches a secret amongst fellow Quest Explorers. 

3. Leave it better than you found it. Be kind to the Questcaching game board, which are regional Solano County parks and open spaces. Stay on the trails to reduce impact on plants and animals. Be a Super Explorer and pick up litter along the way, leaving nothing behind!


Community Partnerships for Learning

In partnership with the City of Vacaville, Solano Land Trust and Solano Resource Conservation District, Solano County Office of Education has created the Solano Outdoor Explorer Quest to help students get outside and experience science and natural phenomena in the world around them. Our hope is to spark interests in environmental learning and inspire wellness through physical activity and self-motivated exploration. 

Land Acknowledgement

We should take a moment to acknowledge the land on which we explore. For thousands of years, this land has been the home of Patwin people, including the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation today. The Patwin people have remained committed to the stewardship of this land over many centuries. It has been cherished and protected, as elders have instructed the young through generations. We are honored and grateful to be engaging families in exploring and learning on their traditional lands.

Good Luck Explorers!

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