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YRS Youth Workshops

The 3rd Annual Solano Youth Resiliency Summit Planning Team is excited to announce the workshops that will be available for middle and high school students on Saturday, December 4, 2021. We have 15 workshops to choose from and workshops will be both youth led and adult led. For additional information or questions about the YRS please contact Johanna Nowak-Palmer at or Rebecca Floyd at

Tobacco and Vaping: What's the Bottom Line?

Presenter: Vacaville Police Activities League
Join this youth-led workshop and learn the facts about tobacco, cannabis and vaping. What are e-cigarettes? Why are youth using them? How do they impact your health? Presentation will be followed by a Kahoot quiz. Test your knowledge for a chance to win prizes!

Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Relationships

Presenter: Solano Family Justice Center
This fun workshop will help youth visualize the green flags and red flags of relationships; key topics include how to identify intensity, anger, disrespect, and other problems in relationships. Youth will experience different perspectives when it comes to a successful relationship or friendship while discussing experiences and reactions.

Each One teach one

Presenter: Solano Youth Coalition
This is an interactive workshop designed to help us all be a better ally to people of color (POC), LGBTQ+, and others. We will look at privilege and power, whether it is our own or others and how we can use our power and privilege to help others.

Financial Aid For ALL Youth Post-Secondary Pathways

Presenter: East Bay Solano County Consortium, Cal-SOAP
Students will learn about the financial aid application for FAFSA and the Ca Dream Act. We will go in detail about Pell, Cal Grant, Work Study, Loans, and Scholarships.

Big Tobacco Takes Aim at Solano County Youth: And How Your Community Can Fight Back

Presenter: LGBTQ Minus Tobacco
The tobacco industry spends billions of dollars each year targeting LGBTQ+ youth and other vulnerable communities. This workshop will teach you more about tobacco industry tactics, the situation in Solano County, and how to use your voice to advocate for policy change in Solano.

What is Healthy Love?

Presenter: Solano Youth Coalition
Participants will learn about signs of abusive relationships and how these affect teens and youth.

Standing Up to Big Tobacco

Presenter: Solano County Public Health, Healthy Promotion & Community Wellness Bureau
Why tobacco prevention, how tobacco has historically targeted racial and ethnic groups, it's a social justice issue and call to action.

Opioids: That's Epidemic, Not Pandemic

Presenter: Drug Safe Solano
Youth will be introduced to opioids and why they can be dangerous. They will also be introduced to the many types of opioids, including Fentanyl, which is on the rise and responsible for more deaths than any other kind of opioid! Students will learn about resources and that it is possible to reverse an overdose!

Human Trafficking and How We Can Fight It!

Presenter: Nature of Sound
This workshop will cover what human trafficking is and how it exists in our community. You will learn how to identify types of trafficking, the tactics that they use and how community members youth and adults can fight back against the epidemic of exploitation and modern slavery.

Creative Volunteerism

Presenter: Nature of Sound
This workshop focuses on unlocking your potential by introducing creative volunteer opportunities that both youth and adults can participate in. Learn how we utilize creative passions to raise awareness on critical issues within our community.

Brain Dance

Presenter: Benicia Friday Night Live
The Brain Dance is a fun full body exercise that aims to help rejuvenate your body, and is a useful tool to relieve stress and pursue a healthy lifestyle. In this workshop, you will learn what Brain Dance is, how to use it to cope with stress, and even get to do the Brain Dance yourself!

Voter Engagement

Presenter: The League of Women Voters, Solano County
Learning the value of the vote and citizen participation with regard to making democracy work.

They Work For Us: Unlocking the Secrets of Elected Officials

Presenter: Ventura County Friday Night Live
While youth and community advocates have the power to create positive change in their community, there is also a small group of people who actually have the ability to make that change a reality - our elected officials! This workshop will help you to understand this structure and unlock the secrets of working with local elected officials. 👍🏾

Let's Talk Underage Drinking

Presenter: Vanden Friday Night Live
Students will be educated on underage drinking and learn how to speak out about it.