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Solano County Office of Education

Solano County Office of Education

BISS Availability

  • Telephone support : 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday (except SCOE holidays)
  • Email support: 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday (except SCOE holidays) 
  • HelpDesk Request support: 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday (except SCOE holidays) 

Request Priorities and Response Times:

We will provide a first response to support requests within the following time frames:

Urgent - within 2 hours

An urgent issue prevents multiple people from working or jeopardizes the meeting of an important deadline. If your issue meets this description, we strongly recommend that requests be made to the BISS team by phone.
Examples of urgent requests:
  • Multiple districts have lost connection to the Escape application. 
  • Multiple districts are receiving an error message that prevents them from completing their work 

High - within 8 hours

A high priority issue is a problem that significantly impacts a user’s ability to work. To avoid delays, we suggest that requests be phoned into the BISS team.
Examples of high priority requests:
  • A district or multiple users have lost access to the Escape application 
  • Software issues are preventing multiple users from completing their work. 

Medium - within 2 business days

Medium priority issues are problems that do not completely interfere with a user's work. There is either a workaround, or the person can focus on other tasks until the issue is resolved.
Examples of medium priority requests:
  • One module or screen is at issue, but others are working correctly. 
  • User or other setup, changes, etc. 

Low - within 4 business days

Low priority requests are either very minor issues or requests that are not related to an immediate problem.
Examples of low priority requests:
  • Requests for software installation or questions about functionality. 
Note: These are maximum time-frames and we anticipate initial response times for medium and low priority requests to be consistently lower than those listed unless there is high request volume, low staffing or other extenuating circumstance.

BISS works with other providers as needed and response or resolution times may be dependent on their availability

  • Escape support hours are from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. 
  • District IT (normal working hours) and SCOE-IT (normal business hours and scheduled off-hours) 
The Business Information Systems Support team is responsible for Project Management, Training, and ongoing Application Support for SCOE and participating School District’s Business Information System, Escape Online 5. Working closely with the District Business Services and Information Services and Technology departments, we are the single point of contact for business systems support for the Finance, Payroll, and Human Resources functional areas. 

Current roles include:


Implementation Project Management

  • Single point of contact to Escape for the project
  • Data conversion – create data files from our existing systems to load into Escape Online 5
  • Gather, track and communicate project and task status by district
  • Coordinate and schedule project training and work sessions
  • Advise districts when making setup and workflow decisions
  • Sign-off (or coordinate sign off) of programming request specifications from Escape Technology

Application Support Management

  • Establish a support process and ensure necessary tools and procedures are in place
  • Train support staff on the process & procedures
  • Provide Tier 1 support to the County Office and our supported School Districts
  • Document and track the issue reported, troubleshoot and resolve
  • If resolution cannot be completed by our team, we will escalate the issue to Escape Technology and work together on a resolution
  • Regularly communicate status of support incidents
  • Schedule regular functionality based user group meetings to discuss new processes & procedures within Escape Online 5
  • Ensure Release Reviews and Release Notes for each release are available to end users and provide or schedule training as needed
  • Coordinate installation of Releases


General Inquiries - Non-Support Related
BISS Phone Line:
(707) 399-4490