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Solano County Office of Education

Solano County Office of Education

What is CalSCHLS

What is CalSCHLS


Since 1997, the California School Climate, Health, and Learning Surveys (CalSCHLS) have provided school districts with important information regarding student health and wellness, academic performance, and much more. CalSCHLS consists of three surveys targeting students, parents, and staff:
    1. California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)
    2. California School Staff Survey (CSSS)
    3. California School Parent Survey (CSPS
CalSCHLS is a requirement for all districts participating in the Solano County TUPE grant. There are 9 districts participating in the 2023-26 TUPE grant:
Benicia Unified School District Dixon Unified School District Caliber ChangeMakers Academy
Elite Public Charter Schools Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District River Delta Joint Unified School District
Solano County Office of Education Vacaville Unified School District Vallejo City Unified School District
Districts will administer CalSCHLS during the 2023-24 and 2025-26 school years.



CalSCHLS data provides clear indicators and metrics for three state required priority areas:
    1. School Climate
    2. Pupil Engagement
    3. Parent Involvement
Surveys provide detailed data to assist districts in developing two mandated plans, Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CCSP).
Modules can be customized, adding or combining questions on multiple topics. Multiple reports, county, district, and school level reports are available.


CHKS is an anonymous survey for students in grades 5 (or 6), 7, 9, and 11; and students in non-traditional school settings. Questions focus on five priority areas:
    1. Student connectedness, learning engagement/motivations, and attendance
    2. School climate, culture, and conditions
    3. School safety, including violence perpetration, and victimization/bullying
    4. Physical and mental well-being and social-emotional learning
    5. Student supports, including resilience-promotion developmental factors (caring relationships, high expectations, and meaningful participation)
CSSS an online survey for teachers, administrators, and additional school personnel (of all grade levels) participate and results of the survey help to:
    1. Address the program of low teacher-recruitment, morale, and retention
    2. Guide professional development and school improvement projects
    3. Determine the degree to which staff perceptions align with students' and parents' (using the other surveys)
CSPS provides metrics on the kind and extent of parent involvement in their students' school (both in relationships and activities) and education. Parent involvement is one of the states priorities for a district's LCAP, and the survey anonymously gathers information around:
    1. Parent perceptions about the school's learning environment
    2. School climate
    3. Student supports
    4. Parent outreach and involvement efforts
District CHKS Information

District CHKS Information

Visit your school district's website to learn more about CHKS. If you do not see your district listed below, no webpage was found.
CalSCHLS Administrative Training Video
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