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Solano County Office of Education

Solano County Office of Education

The Teacher of the Year (TOY) program is designed to recognize outstanding teachers throughout Solano County. The TOY Program highlights educational innovation, student learning, and the rewards of teaching. Further, the program attracts public attention to the positive aspects of our educational system. The program pays tribute to the teaching force, the complexity of challenges that confront our schools, and the need to promote collaboration and teamwork to meet those challenges.
The TOY program is open to fully credentialed teachers in public schools who have been teaching for at least eight years, in any of pre-kindergarten through grade twelve as their primary responsibility. A TOY nominee inspires through commitment as a lifelong learner who models a devotion to continued learning and demonstrates a dedication to the belief that all children can achieve. Each district is invited to submit one candidate to be recognized at the Solano County Educators of the Year (EOY) celebration.


SCOE provides the school districts with the guidelines for submitting nominations along with the evaluation and selection criteria that will be used to select awardees at the County level. Each district establishes its own internal process for selecting an exemplary teacher for Solano County’s TOY program. The district nominee advances to the Solano County Educators of the Year Celebration. To be eligible for the Solano County TOY Program, applicants must:
  • Be fully credentialed teachers currently employed to teach any pre-kindergarten through grade twelve curriculum to children or adults. 
  • Have completed eight years of teaching at the time of the application submitted.
  • Be employed full-time, or as long-term substitutes in public or private schools. Applicants may be assigned some administrative duties if teaching is the primary responsibility. 
  • Demonstrated leadership and innovation inside and outside the classroom.
  • Expressed themselves in an articulate and engaging way.
  • Willing to fulfill all ambassadorial during the year of services and be supported by the district.
  • Have been selected as the finalist for their district.


The selection process for the TOY Program begins with candidates whose names are submitted to SCOE. The selection consists of two phases:
  • An online review of a written application
  • An interview with the Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC)
The BRC is responsible for evaluating all nominations and selecting the county finalist. Using a scoring guide aligned with prompts, committee members through consensus, identify the application that best addresses the prompts and distinguish themselves as stellar.


Completed applications must be submitted to Youth Development Services no later than Wednesday, February 7, 2024.
We encourage candidates to complete their application with content that:
  • Places the reader inside the classroom and allows them to visualize the setting, the teacher as the instructional lead, and provides sufficient examples of the classroom.
  • Communicates their strength of content knowledge and how to convey it in an innovative and unique style to engage students and affect student learning that meet the necessary measurable objectives.
  • Illustrates a teacher's personal journey and the influence a teacher has beyond the classroom (i.e., the school community).
  • Through various examples of student engagement, the applicant maintains a student-centered perspective.
  • Leaves the reader inspired by their commitment and enthusiasm for continued education embodying a lifelong learner.
  • Focuses on relationship building and how it transforms and empowers students, parents/guardians, and the larger community.
  • Reaffirms teacher dedications and the belief that all students can succeed.


Date  Activity
 Intent to Participate. Deadline for districts to notify SCOE of participation
 TOY applications due to Youth Development Services
 Online review of TOY applications by BRC
 TOY Interviews with BRC
 Educators of the Year Celebration


Use the button below to access the Teacher of the Year Application. The application is a Word document, that will download through your browser. If it does not appear check the downloads folder usually located in the top right corner of the browser.